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A new third-generation device
The world's first smart band that automatically tracks calorie intake, hydration, and stress levels.
Smaller size, more features!
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What's new?

HEALBE GoBe3 Evolution


One-touch data access

Updated bioimpedance sensor

Improved calorie tracking

New titanium coating

Enhanced wearability and convenience

Optical heart rate monitor

More accurate data on physical activity

Soft perforated strap

Maximum comfort

New design

Smaller, lighter, sleeker

HEALBE GoBe3 Features
Energy Balance

GoBe3 tracks calories burned and consumed and shows them on the band’s display as well as in the HEALBE app. By maintaining a constant calorie deficit, you will be able to achieve the effective and enduring weight loss.

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Calorie Intake

Calorie counting is now a thing of the past — the HEALBE GoBe3 smart band will automatically show how many calories you’ve consumed and how many you’ve burned. The GoBe3 tracks your food calories using bioimpedance sensor data and the unique patented HEALBE FLOW™ technology.

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Calories Burned

Physical activity helps burn calories. However, calories that are used to perform the basic functions of the body are usually not considered. Use GoBe3 to accurately track your calorie burn whether you’re running, working in the office, or resting.

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Water Balance

The smart band adapts to the individual characteristics of your body and monitors your hydration level 24/7. The HEALBE GoBe3 understands exactly how much water you need and recommends drinking more when necessary!

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Stress Level

Stress is inevitable, but we underestimate its impact on the body. Exclusive HEALBE GoBe3 technology will help you better understand your emotions and keep stress under control.

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Sleep Quality

Quality sleep improves your productivity! The GoBe3 considers many factors of night sleep: regularity, duration, anxiety, number of times awake, and number of REM phases. To wake up feeling refreshed every morning, sleep with the GoBe3 band on. You will always be aware of the quality of your night rest, and the Smart Alarm function will make waking up easy and enjoyable!

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The GoBe3 monitors your heart rate while you’re wearing the device using an optical monitor. The band monitors your heart rate continuously, which enables the application to receive detailed information about your parameters both day and night.

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Steps and Distance

The GoBe3 counts steps when you walk and run and measures the distance you travel. Step and distance data calculations are based on a unique hand-movement-reading algorithm. To make the calculation even more accurate, the GoBe3 also takes your height and step length into account.

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International patents and validation
Independent validation studies conducted at UC Davis (USA) and the Red Cross Hospital (Guangzhou, China) confirmed the GoBe2’s ability to accurately track dehydration and rehydration and proved that it measures calorie intake with 89% accuracy.

HEALBE products are protected by 36 patents.

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